MJ update

I know I haven’t been posting a lot about MJ recently. I’ve actually been trying to steer my blog slightly away from the mommy-me to the other side of me. Mommy-me gets lots of attention every day. The rest of me, not so much.

However, upon the request of certain family members, and people who might as well be family (see you in a few days, Heather), I decided to post an MJ update today. Here are some bits and tidbits that you might like to know about my favorite Scorpio.

  • As of today she is 14 1/2 months old. She walks and now runs like a champ.
  • My munchkin is developing an intelligence bordering on freaky. Example: Our back door is mostly glass and looks out on a back yard frequented by many neighborhood kitties. MJ loves to spend her time in front of the door looking out and “talking” to the kitties she sees everyday. (The indoor kitties have taken to running away from her since sh elikes to follow them around the house holding on to their tails, but that’s a tale for another time.) Twice a day I go out that door to fill the food trough. In order to do this I must unlock the dead bolt over the handle. MJ has watched me accomplish this near Herculean (in her eyes) feat for quite some time now. What I didn’t realize until about a week ago was that she was trying to figure out how to do it on her own. Well, MJ has a little chair that her Nonna and Grandpa Bruce (aka Duck Duck…another long story) gave her for Christmas. Last week I caught her positioning the chair in front of the door so that she could reach up and turn the key in the lock. Yeah, not good. Two weeks before that I realized that I had to always have my house keys in hand when I go out to the garage to do laundry because she locked me out. Push button locks on door knobs are not a good idea with toddlers in the house.
  • Not so long ago I was a little concerned with her inability to speak as of yet. My friends had been telling me that most babies started to use words at around 12 months, mamma, dada and the like. MJ was still just pointing and grunting. Well, now she not only has 9 different signs that she uses frequently: eat, more, all done, water, milk, up, nap, fan (she’s had a weird obsession with ceiling fans since she was born) and blankie, which is a sign that she made up on her own. We are working on a sign for ‘kitty’. She also has expended her verbal repertoire from grunts and gestures to include shoes (oh yeah, that’s my girl!) sounds like “shushushshshsh”, Dada, Doggie (pronounced dagi and means any creature as of yet undefined. For example: “MJ look at that ostrich!” MJ: “Dagi!!!”; “MJ look at the Tiger” MJ: “Dagi!”; “MJ look at that doggie” MJ: “Daaaaaagiiiiii!!!!” I say this with complete sincerity. The theory was tested last week when we went to the zoo.). She also has now also screams “caaaa!” and points at the front window whenever she hears a car drive past the house. She is still working on ‘kitty’ but that most often comes out sounding like “kiiiiii” or “cici“. It’s a process. Her newest and favorite word however is “cheeeessss“. The results on that are immediate. MJ gesticulates wildly at the refrigerator while hanging on my leg in the kitchen. “Cheeeeessssss!!!” and voila! Mamma gives her a cheese snack. (I realize I’ve gone a little wild with the exclamation points, but when she uses words she is so excited about the fact that they work that, yes, I do believe she is exclaiming each thing.) And, yes, for the record, I do find it odd that my child favors the word ‘dog’ when we have no dog but do have 3 cats.
  • MJ has become quite proficient at taking things apart and putting them back together. For example, Mamma’s wallet. She can now individually remove each and every one of my credit cards, bank cards, health insurance cards, and driver’s license with great ease. She can even get them back in, but doesn’t usually since it’s not near as much fun. She has also mastered the art of taking out each individual bill from my wallet and tossing them over her shoulder. Ah, alms giving in one so young. How refreshing. 😉
  • She understands the majority of what I say to her. “MJ, go put your blankie on your chair” and off she runs to do it… unless of course she doesn’t want to.
  • She can point to her hands, feet, hair, mouth, nose ears, and tummy on command… again, unless she doesn’t want to.
  • The diaper is irritating? No problem. She’ll take that right off. We used to have pants-optional days in our house. Not so much of an option any more.
  • She managed to get her t-shirt off the other day. Mostly off. She pulled her arms through it and tried to pull it over her head. It didn’t quite come all the way off so I came into her room to find a Rasta girl with her shirt as an impromptu hat. (Sorry, no pictures. I just didn’t think on my feet fast enough.)
  • She has learned to climb well. I mentioned already how she uses her chair as a boost up to the door. She has also discovered that if she pushes it to the bookshelf she can reach those high up books Mamma says aren’t for her. She climbs up the outside of her crib when she’s sleepy. Can’t quite get in it yet, but the idea is there. Funnily enough she hasn’t tried to climb out yet. We’ll see.
  • If you ask her if her diaper is wet or dirty and it is she will run back into her bedroom to wait to be changed. From day one she has hated to sit in a wet diaper.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there are other things. She’s changing so much each day that it’s difficult to keep track of it all. I look at her today and think that she’s not just a baby, she’s a little person… a little person who is trying to drive me mad my testing every.single.thing. I do or say.

Which reminds me. One for the road: MJ has taken to laughing when I tell her not to do something. For example:

ME: MJ, those are not MJ’s books. Don’t do that. Not for MJ. (All phrases that have worked marvelously in the past. I’ve been avoiding using the word ‘no’ just on principle.)

MJ: moving a little closer to whatever I’ve asked her to leave alone. Big smiles up at me. Eyelashes batting.

ME: MJ don’t do that. Mamma said it’s not for MJ.

MJ: *giggle**snort* (Yes, she snorts) *giggle* One small index finger comes out to within a quarter inch of the disputed item.

ME: MJ, Mamma said no. (At which point I proceed to remove her from the circumstance and try to distract her. Yeah, right. Single track mind, this kid.)

MJ: *laughing hysterically* heads straight back to where she was and looks over at me before she grabs book off the shelf and throws it to the floor.

We get into this argument when changing diapers, eating, playing with kitties, putting shoes on and/or off. You name it, for her it’s a test of “Can I make Mamma break?”

I mightn’t get too upset about it if the damned kid would just learn how to say Mamma! I mean, seriously? Dog, but not mamma? Cheese, but not mamma? Shoes, but not mamma? (Ok, that one I can forgive, but you get the point.)


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, January 29, 2008.

12 Responses to “MJ update”

  1. With the dog/cat thing, its much easier for children to start speaking with words that begin with sounds like d and b (i.e. doggy, dada, ball) as opposed to k sounds (kitty). My mom is a speech pathologist and I want to explain more but I don’t want to use incorrect terminology. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll drop her a line about speech development.

  2. You know that within a week of her learning to say mommy you are going to be considering a name change. 😉

  3. From what I hear, the mama thing comes later – we’re usually there enough of the time that they don’t feel the need to “name” us.

  4. Don’t worry about the language. My little men grunted well up to 15-16 months. Now there are days when I wish they didn’t talk so much.

  5. hey its been long since we heard about MJ, thanks a lot for the update..

  6. Oh this brings back so many memories!! I LOVED this age, but I am glad to be out of this age! She sounds like a precious little girl!

  7. Yeah, I found the wait for words way too long. I am glad she’s coming up with some words now. It is so much fun to figure out the new ones.

  8. Oh, and I forgot to say, EVERYONE had a name before S said mama. He knew lots of other words first. He was at least 18 months old when he finally said it, and I wasn’t home when he said it the first time. He was asking for me, apparently.

  9. omg, I am so excited to see the munchkin!

  10. Push Button Locks are trouble with Toddles… 3.5 year has always liked to push them…

    Doing a little Blog Hopping when I have a little time and not dozing off due to new baby and no sleep…

  11. big MJ also speaks to kitties and gesticulates wildly at refrigerators. big MJ cannot wait to claim little MJ and form a union. Dagi!

  12. DK genes, MJ namesake, Cable humor, Scorpio sun-sign… oh my dear Paige, what HAVE you created? *giggle* I’ll be home soon to babysit.

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