odds and ends

A few things for this totally disorganized post:

The Writing Game

At long last the results of the writing game are in. I’ve chosen not to put the story I wrote up here, well, because I’m not that satisfied with my piece. The assignment I was given just didn’t resonate with me and I struggled to get a draft together. Romantic Comedy is just not my bag, baby (said in my best Austin Powers impersonation) and I found the exercise a little light and fluffy for my taste. The composition is incomplete and, to my mind, not really worth reading. HOWEVER, that being said, do go check out the site for the Writing Game that Jen of A2eatwrite put up for just this purpose. I’m eagerly looking forward to reading what the other participants have come up with.

Weekend Blog Hopping

Oh yeah, we’ll be at it again. 😀 If you haven’t already checked out the fun, do so… that is if you are a parent blogger.

Project Support Beauty in Nature

Sarcastic Mom has had a wonderful idea. Fed up with the amount of trash and junk left by the roadside or otherwise in nature by a large population of environmentally irresponsible people, she has chosen to gather an army of folks willing to take the time to clean up their environment. What a great idea!

Enter Project Support Beauty in Nature. Check out her post. Join in on the clean up effort. Post about it on Monday February 11th. You can guarantee I will. I’m just trying to figure out how I can combine Music Monday with this particular environmentally friendly idea. After all, I played the Jack Johnson card this week already. 🙂

FlashBack Friday

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the big launch of FlashBack Friday. I will be posting up my Flashback when the clock hits midnight EST. The post will contain a Mr. Linky so anyone who wants to participate, please sign in so others know where to find you. Please do link back to me (as SMID said last week, cite your sources folks) and grab a button to put in the post. There are currently three to chose from.

(again, a big thanks to Jenn in Holland for making these for me.)

The rules are simple. Create a post describing, visually or verbally, an vent from your past. No, they don’t have to be dirty. No, they don’t have to be scandalous, although admittedly those are more fun. 😉 My first post will be rather tame (sorry Becky) but I do promise some more interesting vignettes from my shady past in future FlashBack Friday submissions.

And that’s all I can think of for now.  I’m off to read The Writing Game.


~ by CableGirl on Thursday, January 31, 2008.

5 Responses to “odds and ends”

  1. I hope there’s another writing game, really I love things like this. I’ll be reading all the stories. And you could always blog Tiptoe Through the Tulips for that Monday. And I will definitely be writing my flashback for Friday, hopefully by midnight, but I may have to wait till after my class tomorrow.

  2. I missed the last two blog-hops, so I’m starting early!

  3. Hey CG, I left your story comment on The Writing Game blog. I loved your story!

    I’m also playing Flashback Friday… still working on my post.

  4. Oh, that Dali inspired button is cute.

  5. Cablegirl – you’ve been a killer hopper! I’m doing a little pre-hop practice run right now. Get the commenting fingers warmed up. Thanks for the mention! Cheers!

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