The old and the new

I am a Lost Junkie. I can admit it. As much as I usually hate TV, Lost got me sucked it. Perhaps it was because when I started watching it I had rented the first season on DVD. Yeah, I got into the game late. I can admit that too.

The first season was so blissful. Episode after episode with no commercials and the ability to stop mid-show to get a drink or pee or whatever else.

Then I came crashing back to reality when I had to watch the show on TV again. UGH. Seriously, you’d think that squeezing 10 freaking commercial breaks (ok, maybe I exaggerate… but only slightly) into one episode would be hard to manage. But, leave it to a major network to figure out how.

Lost is the reason CableDad and I got TiVo. Yeah, I can admit that as well. (Perhaps I should have titles this post CableGirl’s guilty TV confessions.) And how excited I was this past Thursday to be able to start watching Lost a whole 40 minutes late so I could get through it without having to learn about just how absorbent the new Tampax is or something equally unsettling.

But I’m kind of straying from my point here. Yes, I do have one.

At the end of this week’s episode of Lost there was a commercial for Oceanic Airlines (If you don’t watch the show you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.), which, if you investigated further (I did admit I was a junkie, did I not) led you back to a website called There are also other sites equally dedicated to the Lost madness. I mean, there’s a whole Lostpedia (you know, like Wikipedia, but entirely dedicated to the show) in which fans can find out and speculate about any of the fine nuances of the show. This got me thinking about another show I used to love and obsessively watch… 15 or so years ago, Twin Peaks.

Oh how I loved Twin Peaks. Another show that brought out the fanatical side of many viewers. While Lost fans today might be speculating about “The secret” Hurley is keeping, in the early 90’s Twin Peaks fans eagerly discussed the identity of BOB. It was Lynch at his brilliant best.

So much of that show revolved around the diary of Laura Palmer… or rather the secret diary. I recall rather distinctly having to actually buy the book of Laura Palmer’s diary in order to get all the good juice from it. I won’t even get started on the audio tapes one could buy that had all of Agent Cooper’s notes to Diane or the “complete guides” that were available.

Sadly, Twin Peaks did not survive its first season. Like all good TV shows it was canned too early. But I got to thinking…

What if the web had been available when Twin Peaks was on TV? I mean, I know it’s hard for some to believe that there was ever a time that the internet didn’t exist, but yes, even 15 short years ago email was pretty new and practically entirely UNIX based, and web sites were mostly Bulletin Boards. But just imagine. If fan sites had existed, if Peakspedia had ever been created, if Laura Palmer’s diary had been available on line… perhaps the show might have survived past season two.

On the other hand, perhaps not. Firefly didn’t survive and it certainly lacked no techie fan base.


~ by CableGirl on Sunday, February 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “The old and the new”

  1. I think Twin Peaks was just plain doomed, sadly. And I didn’t get involved with Lost, but I was a fanatic of JJ Abrams’s earlier show, “Alias”. Boy, am I a Sydney Bristow FANATIC!

  2. Can’t wait till Thurs!

  3. I remember Twin Peaks… I could never understand what was going on. And alas, I have never seen an episode of Lost… I am a non-TV freak.

  4. I never watched Twin Peaks and my love for Lost has had it’s ups and downs. I was hooked early on, but sort of lost interest in Season 3, but now I’m back to loving it again. Ahh, that show is going to give me an ulcer.

  5. i am really lost as to why twin peaks didn’t last. i mean EVERYONE I KNEW (except me) was watching it. how does that not last?

    but i am hooked on lost like a crack addict, and don’t know what i’m going to do when it starts up – we don’t have sky. i’m going to have to find me a download site!

  6. But there are Tampax Sport tampons now!! We need to know this stuff.
    BTW, did you use Manic Panic on your hair?

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