FlashBack Friday – The Kiss

As anyone who has ever known me realizes, I’m a bit of a scrapper. By that I mean that I don’t take insults lying down. I don’t patiently and quietly stand by while things happen that bother me. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been thrown out of pubs for fighting (admittedly most of those fights were whiskey induced, but they still count). I was in detention numerous times in junior high and high school for fighting on campus, some physical, some just incredibly loud, rude and verbal. I won’t even get into the extracurricular battles.

This story predates them all. In fact, this may be the very first examples of a brawling CableGirl. Then again, maybe not. I do have a sibling.

Before I begin my tale I do need preface it with a warning. This tale falls into the category of family lore. I have vague recollections of it, but I don’t know that it can be considered a true flashback since my memory may be tinged with the times I’ve heard the story told. And as we all know, stories always… alter… in the telling.

I was a cute kid. Yeah, I know, great way to show my innate sense of modesty. Well, I’m not modest. That’s a simple fact. Another simple fact is that I was a cute kid. So, now that we have that out of the way… When I was a cute kindergartener I had a HUGE crush on a boy. I know, 5 years old does seem a little young to have a crush, but well, I was a precocious kid. I still remember him well. Dallas.  My was he ever the cutest kid in the class. He was also the class king at duck duck goose and could swing like a second grader, and really what kindergartener isn’t excited by those abilities.

I don’t remember if I ever told anyone about my crush on Dallas. Probably not. I’m not exactly the open mouthed sort. I doubt I ever was.

So one day when my mother came to pick me up from school she was called in to talk to the teacher. Cute little CableGirl had been fighting in school at the ripe old age of 5. The teacher explained that fighting in school was not permissible and that I’d have to learn how to behave properly. My mother agreed, to be sure.

And then the real story came out. Since, as a school official, she was required to chastise my behavior, my teacher (whose name is escaping me at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it started with a ‘K’), Mrs. K, had done her duty and could now settle in to have a laugh about it with my mother.

I had punched Dallas. I had not only punched him, I had sat on him when he was down.

Now, this was highly suspect behavior as I have mentioned that I had a huge crush on him. This was a crush about which Mrs K was not unaware, making her all the more curious as to why I had hit him. Of course, she asked why. I explained to her that the reason I had hit him was because he had kissed me. This was obviously a strange reason for hitting a person and Mrs. K pointed that out to both myself and my mother. When I was pressed further I explained that it wasn’t the kiss that had bothered me so much.

“He didn’t ask first!”

Now really, how can you find fault with me for that?

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~ by CableGirl on Friday, February 8, 2008.

26 Responses to “FlashBack Friday – The Kiss”

  1. ah ask first :)…
    Guess some people develop good self respect early..

  2. Awesome!!

  3. Hehe, what self respecting gal wouldn’t deck a presumptuous smoocher?

  4. Oh and thanks for the offer, I did have some trouble moving my content directly from Blogger, but I moved it to a free WP site first and then to the current site. I’m sure I’ll have other wuesitons though…CB doesn’t work at home every day.

  5. you’re the best!!! My daughter socked a kid a few months ago and now I’m thinkin’ she’s a scrapper like the OG cablegirl! loved this…..!

  6. Just stopping by blog hoppin…

  7. This was a GREAT tale, CG! I had my first fighting incident in Kindergarten, too – and it was with my crush. But not over a kiss. We took sheer, unadulterated, five-year-old joy in being “enemies”. And I got in trouble that year. A lot. 😉

  8. you’re a trip.

  9. Dallas was a beautiful child but CG appeared to have taken her great grandmother’s counsel to heart. Fortunately, she didn’t “Kick him where the sun doesn’t shine!” However, her “scrappiness” continued to discourage inappropriate attention from males…but…that’s a story for another Flashback Friday.

  10. Nope. Don’t fault you one bit.

  11. Ha. Sock it to ‘im!

  12. A gentleman asks before stealing a kiss from a lady… seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction to me.

    blog hopper – etcetera

  13. What a great story… I mean, you had to defend your own honour, right? And what a way to play hard to get LOL!


  14. What a great story!

    blog hopper – Aardvark

  15. Great story! I had a very similiar situation with Brian in kindergarten. He and his playground crew pinned me down near the monkey bars so he could kiss me. But I didn’t deck him. I don’t know why, it would have been brilliant!

    Blog hoppin
    the bombed mom

  16. Blog hopping–HP

  17. Meet my fists: This one is Jack, and this one is Johnson!

    blog hoppin
    Mox on The Rocks

  18. Wow, my 5 year old son thinks all girls are yucky and could not imagine kissing one! And he’s got 3 sisters. Great story.

    Thanks for letting me hop through.

  19. Bloghoppin!! And here’s that Guac Recipe. Quite simple really…

    Peel 4 or 5 avocados and mash with a potato masher. Take 1 can of Rotel (drained), 8 ounces of sour cream, 1 small chopped onion, and mix with the mashed avocados. Season to taste with garlic salt, and add a couple squirts of lime juice to help keep the “Guac” from turning brown.

    Always better when accompanied by a freshly poured margarita!!

  20. It’s always good to start training men when they’re young. The older they get, the more unlikely they will remember the rules. Like “your socks go in this basket RIGHT HERE and not on the bathroom or living room floor.” Great story!

  21. Well I hope he learned a lesson!! LOL

  22. I laughed so hard at part about being a “bit of a scrapper” I nearly peed myself. The term scrapper just cracks me up! haha 🙂

  23. Great story. I, too, have a kindergarten kissing story but I barely remember it. Something about me dressed up like Wonder Woman, a boy dressed up like Captain Marvel (Shazam!), and a Halloween parade… ?

    Blog hoppin – PhatBlogHopper

  24. That is a great story! Now I’m wondering if Dallas has a blog post somewhere explaining why he always asks a girl if it’s OK before kissing her.

  25. Oh, I loved this story. You were quite something!

    I once kicked a boy between the legs. We were in first or second grade, playing kick ball at recess. He said, “Girls can’t kick.” I proved him wrong.

  26. I did something similar for the same reason, only I was about 15 years older!! No faulting you at all!

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