Green Day on the environment

A little over a week ago I mentioned that Sarcastic Mom had come up with a great idea: Project Support Beauty in Nature (wow that’s a lot of links in a single sentence). Today is the day. Since I usually participate in Soccer Mom in Denial’s Music Monday, I thought I would combine the two.

Project Support Beauty in Nature began because of a post Sarcastic Mom put up about the horrifying state of pollution around us. People just don’t seem to think before they act. When you throw your cigarette butts out the window of your car, they don’t just disappear. The gum you spit out onto the side walk sticks around. Sarcastic Mom challenged people to take a stand and do something about it and then post about it. So, I did and I am.

This week I have been making a point to stop and pick up all the trash I could find. Yes, it’s gross and dirty, but I thought of that. I wore gardening gloves. I walked my neighborhood collecting trash and properly disposing of it.

As I’m in the process of redoing my back yard (see yesterday’s post about my new found gardening skills) I’ve decided to plant some trees; avocados and limes.Β  The world is always in need of more trees.

I also thought I should link back to this post I wrote for Blog Action Day which outlines some easy ways to be more eco-friendly in your house.

And since it’s Monday and should therefore be musical, I wanted to talk about the band Green Day, yet another awesome band that came out of the 90s. While many old school indie-punk fans might call them sellouts, I think Green Day has only gotten better with age. They’ve recently teamed up with the Natural Resources Defense Council and have put videos on YouTube talking about the horrific state of the environment, the importance of getting oneself involved and the US addiction to oil.

Here is the Green Day NRDC MySpace page

Here is the website

Hear about more Music Monday at Soccer Mom in Denial.


~ by CableGirl on Monday, February 11, 2008.

12 Responses to “Green Day on the environment”

  1. Great post and lots (and lots and lots) of good links to go along with it. You make me jealous though. I wish we could grow avocado and lime trees here. I’m happy about Belgian winters, but I’ll miss hot summers.

    Oh and Green Day? I’ve been a fan since I was 12 and I agree, they keep getting better with age. In fact, I think I’m going to listen to some Green Day right now.

  2. Great integration!

  3. Being from an “older generation”, I’ve never been much into GreenDay, though I know a lot of teens who are.

    I think I just got into them! Thanks for the great Music Monday!

  4. Ahhh…avocados and limes. If only they would grow in Michigan. Good for you for planing more trees in addition to picking up trash.

  5. Oh, aren’t you clever to put it all together! I couldn’t think that fast nor as broadly as you.
    Lovely post. Great ideas and wonderful links!

  6. oh, I’d love to have a lime tree.

    Good on you for picking up trash! I think I’ll add that to my list of things to help make a change once the snow is gone (5 feet and counting)

  7. Avocado and Lime trees.. wow.. I am jealous!! What a great post.. I love Green Day . have since they came out. Lost of great stuff here!!

  8. Thanks so much for doing this post! You did a great job combining. πŸ™‚

    You rock for picking up garbage! I also keep hand sanitizer with me – I have lots of little bottles… in my different bags and the car. Helps if you have to grab some garbage when you don’t have gloves!

    Also… when your lime and avocado trees mature, you can make some killer homemade quacamole! πŸ˜€

  9. Wonderful, insightful, and informative post! And the videos were great. I have gone through stages of picking up EVERYTHING as I walked around campus–to now I pick up things in parking lots on my way into the store, restaurant parking lots, too. Places where the public litters, seemingly with little thought. Glad to know you’re one of us “picker-uppers”.

  10. Wonderful post!

  11. Way to go CableGirl! You’re very clever to merge the two!

  12. What a better way to both! Nice job here… πŸ˜‰

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