Today’s bitch-fest

Ok, now I’m by no means a girlie girl. I do plenty of gross jobs around the house. I just want to get that out of the way before I being my complaint for today. Yeah, this one pisses me off.

Long before MJ was born CableDad and I arrived at an agreement. In exchange for me doing the cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, baby maintenance, cat puke cleanup and general house maintenance he said he would clean the cat litter box and take out the trash. The litter box cleaning was due to the whole toxoplasmosis issue when I was pregnant (hell, it was a great excuse) and the garbage? Well, taking out the garbage is just a boy job. Simple fact.

And I’m not even talking about the daily trash. Nope, I take out the kitchen trash at least once a day. Nope, the job’s easier than that. I’m talking about bringing the huge trash barrel down to the curbside once a week for the garbage men.

Somehow this has become a weekly argument/bitch-fest in our house. It goes something like this.

Imagine a Sunday evening.

Me: Sweetie, it’s Sunday. Can you bring out the trash and the recycling please?

CableDad: (staring into a computer screen) um, yeah. sure.

an hour or two passes.

Me: Sweetie, don’t forget to put the trash out tonight, ok?

CD: yeah, whatever. I said I’d do it.

Me: ok….

Enter Monday morning. The trash still isn’t out.

Me: CableDad, the garbage men will be here in a few minutes, can you please go take out the trash?

CD: Yeah, I’ll get to it.

half an hour goes by while he showers.

Me: CD, I hear the garbage truck down the road, can you please just get off your ass and put out the trash.

CD: WTF are you getting so upset about? You know, you could have reminded me last night instead of waiting until the last minute.

Me: I DID. at least 3 times.

CD: Well, you don’t have to nag me and it doesn’t really need to go out anyway.

Me: Yes. It. Does. (through gritted teeth). The fucking barrel is overflowing and it’s rotting (remember we live in Miami and garbage+ heat doesn’t leave the best smell) and stinking up the whole side of the house. Just take the fucking thing out!

CD: Shit, you don’t have to get so pissed about it.

He goes out to, so I think, take out the trash. he gets on his motorcycle and goes to work. The garbage men pass and yes, the garbage and recycling have been neglected for yet another week.

To borrow a line from a fairly popular prime time show, there is a land called Passive Aggressiva and he is their king.

Could I just do it myself? Yes, I could. I’m not weakling, in fact, I’m pretty tough, but that’s SO not the point. I shouldn’t have to do everything, especially not a boy job.


~ by CableGirl on Monday, March 10, 2008.

17 Responses to “Today’s bitch-fest”

  1. ohhhh, i am pissed off for you! Seriously. GRRRR….

  2. You should totally kick his ass! I can’t believe you don’t make him take out the daily trash! You know what- you should just up & go on vacation & stick him with everything, including the baby. Ever hear about those moms going on strike? Sounds like he needs a wake up call! 🙂

  3. Oh no he didn’t. Men!

  4. Beaker did this to me once, shortly after Punkin was born. I burst into tears and gave him the best non-intentional guilt-trip of his entire life, which involved accusing him of not loving me and not wanting a baby (I didn’t wind up on anti-depressants for being emotionally balanced, you know?)

    He’s never forgotten to take the garbage out on a first telling since. Too bad he’s only home once a month 😛

    I don’t know what to suggest, but hopefully he snaps to.

  5. I could not agree more! Seriously! Cause there are BOY JOBS. My mother’s even gotten on this bandwagon & now my dad is angry at me for reverting to sexist roles. But, come on. Put the damn garbage out. Can’t believe we had similar posts.

    And, nagging? Do not get me started. I have the same battle on a daily DAILY basis. If he just DO it, I wouldln’t feel the need to nag, right?

  6. Yeah, you totally shouldn’t have to do it. I can’t believe he never took it out! It had to be intentional at that point.

  7. Garbage is a constant struggle in this house, too.

    I saw your comment at the Brat pack about 10 minutes a day and leg lifts. WTH? What miracle plan is that?


  8. Yeah, typical man. It’s like because my man brings home the bacon, he shouldn’t have to do anything.

    Last time I checked, it was not 1950 but whatever. It’s his job and I’ll pull his ass off World of Warcraft if I have to.

  9. We have a similar argument, although ours is about cleaning out the cat litter!

  10. you should put the trash in front of his motorcycle next sunday night.

  11. wait, are you sure we aren’t married to the same guy and he’s just commuting between wives? Why do I feel less crazy reading this!?

  12. Been there, done that. I just don’t get it. And yes, there seems to be a lot of agreement on this, huh?

  13. It is SO a boy job. I am also considering making them either sit down to pee or scrub the toilets.

    Why are boys so gross? Weren’t we supposed to grow out of this phase by 14 or something? Seriously, they are GROSS. And LAZY.

  14. CG, you know Kung Fu…just break him.

  15. I can so relate to this… men are the biggest babies.

  16. We had a similar conversation a couple weeks ago about a pile of boxes that needed to go out for recycling pick up. At least they didn’t smell though!


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