How green is my garden?

Two weekends ago I went to the Orchid Show at the local botanical garden. It was part of my master plan to make my back yard a place I’d like to hang out by next winter.

Yes, I said winter. I live in Miami. You’d have to be insane to want to spend time outdoors in the summer.

I talked about my backyard garden project here and here.

Well, now I’d like to showcase some fruits of my new green thumb. I have four others as well, but they have not yet begun to form spikes, much less start to bloom.

All three of the orchids that are blooming are Vandas.

You can see the Bougainvillea blooming like crazy in the background of this golden orchid.

Purple is my absolute favorite color, so I’m particularly fond of this little guy.

But Big Red here is by far my favorite. Check out that second bud spike on him. Just a few days and he will be awash with color.






Skittles‘ Heads or Tales this week is about GREEN. My post is a bit more colorful, but I think it fits the bill. šŸ™‚


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, March 11, 2008.

20 Responses to “How green is my garden?”

  1. color me impressed!!! beautiful.

  2. Looks very peaceful!

  3. Wow! I am beyond impressed. So beautiful!

  4. Beautiful!! I wish I could garden, but I so do not have a green thumb. And Houston isn’t quite Miami, but the heat and humidity here SUCK! We always flee north during the summer!

  5. Beautiful blooms! You should be VERY proud! Oh…LOL…I didn’t actually combine memes into one posting on my blog. I think you jus stumbled upon my last posting. I did do a separate HoT posting…just happens that most of the meme mistresses out there have St. Patty’s elements as topics! šŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane.
    My lawn may be a mess, but any flowering plant makes it look a little more decent. Your flowers are wonderful and make me wish spring were coming sooner!

  7. Oh how I wish I had a green thumb! Hubby and I are about to redo the flower beds out front. I better watch out, I think I’m envying again!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to meet you.

  8. I see you have a GREEN thumb! The flowers are beautiful and I’m sure having them around enhances your corner of the world.

    Yeah, you DO have to be crazy to outside in Florida’s summer heat. (I grew up down there.) In fact, my mom has been spending a lot of time recently in Boca.. just down the road from you. šŸ™‚

  9. I LOVE it! I can’t wait to see the flowers blooming again. And I’m even more eager to have my own flower garden!

  10. I am so jealous! The only thing green in my yard is the moss growing on the trees… those orchids are beautiful!

  11. Wow! Big Red more than lived up to our expectations! Beautiful pics, CG.

  12. You sound like such a proud mother, pointing out the second bud spike. lol Congratulations on your hard work! Your babies are beautiful.

  13. Gorgeous. Orchids are difficult to care for from what I hear so especially good work…and purple is my favorite color too (in case my blog doesn’t give it away).
    We just planted a bunch of pansies in the garden but the storm that nearly blew us to Oz yesterday might’ve set back the gardening attempts of this past Saturday.

  14. Simply beautiful!

  15. Absolutely beautiful!

  16. Lovely, lovely. Lots of green and other fantastic colors.

  17. Beautiful colours! I cannot wait for Spring!

  18. Nice! Almost makes me want to try out the gardening-almost.

  19. Oh wow! I love orchids. What a great post!

    My “green” is up too ::here::

    Enjoy your day!

  20. Beautiful! Nice work. You’re so lucky to live in a climate able to produce cool flowers like these!

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