FlashBack Friday – a girl’s best friend

A few weeks ago, when I told my story about the overnight train trip to Sicily, I mentioned that while on that trip I lost something that was very personal and important to me. Even though I was highly entertained by some of the guesses as to what that thing was, I thought it was about time to come clean.

Who is that adorable kid, you may ask? Yeah, that’s me, circa 1979. Actually, I think it was December of 1979. I say that for two reasons. #1) that’s my grandmother in the reflection and #2) duh! There are two Christmas trees in the photo as well. And while my step-mother tends to decorate for Christmas in October and leave decorations up until March, not so my grandmother.

But ignore for a moment, if you can, the cute child. I’d like you to focus on what the adorable child is holding.

Meet Theodore Edward Bear. He was given to me when I was around 2. To be honest, he wasn’t actually the present. He was the decoration strapped to the present (a fact about which I am reminded frequently). However, little CableGirl was not to be distracted from the bear, no matter what the real gift was.

No, he did not mind being held upside down. Nor did he mind it when I chewed on his feet or ears. Actually, Ted put up with pretty much everything I could dish out… and everything my brother could dish out… and everything my cousins….

well you get the picture. Poor Ted suffered through multiple open-stuffing operations as well as at least one prosthetic eye replacement. (My brother thought it would be funny to tie a noose around his neck and hang him from the fan. When he turned the fan on Ted gathered speed rather unexpectedly quickly. Snap went the string and Ted sailed into the wall, cracking his eye.)

Ted and I were inseparable when I was younger. In fact, he came with me everywhere until I was, say 19? 20?

Yes, Ted was the special, personal and important thing I left behind.

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~ by CableGirl on Friday, March 14, 2008.

23 Responses to “FlashBack Friday – a girl’s best friend”

  1. Oh, I am so sad for Ted. Maybe he’ll be like Mr Burns bear and eventually was found by another child who completely adored him.

  2. Awe… I’m so sorry to hear that. The worst thing I left on a train was a swiss army knife.

  3. I remember Ted. I hope he likes Italy!

  4. What a sad demise!

  5. For the briefest moment I thought you lost your child…goes to show you how odd I am without caffiene…

  6. Oh I’m so sorry you lost your bud! I still have my childhood teddy and a stuffed dog that I loved! And if my girls try to play with either one, I go ballistic.

  7. That’s great that you still have that pic! Sorry about the loss…

  8. He met the same end as my Teddy Ruxpin! Left him behind in a hotel room in Los Angeles somewhere..

  9. Awww.. I think we all had(have) a special stuffed animal friend. I had tons & still miss a couple of them. Sorry you lost your friend..Maybe some other little girl gave him a good home?

  10. Aw bummer. My teddy bears from early childhood are shrinkwrapped in my parents’ attic somewhere.

  11. I have a little bear called Jamie that my dad bought me when I was 7 or 8, I’m still really attached to it-it’s only been the last few years where I’ve not had to bring it on vacations with me. I would be totally devastated if I lost him somewhere.

  12. As Ted’s frequent surgeon, I must say that he was an extremely resilient bear albeit “bearing” many scars. Love Thalia’s Child”s thought that T.E.D. was rescued and adopted by a child who loved him as much as CG did.

  13. That’s so sad! We left my son’s favorite doll in a NYC cab last year. Thankfully we were able to get a replacement without him knowing.

  14. Oh… I feel your pain. I still have my favorite stuff animal (a dog I named George) from when I was a kid. He is over 40 now… that’s 280 is dog years.

  15. I’m sorry to hear about Ted.

    Happy Blog Hoppin’ Friday!
    “Margarita Mom”

  16. I still have my teddy. My mom saved it in a box for 30 yrs!
    It’s eye is broke and his ear is ripped, but I’m glad to still have him.

  17. Sorry about Ted. I love the picture and MJ looks just like you!

  18. Oh poor Teddy!! This makes me so sad =(

  19. OH, poor Ted! I would be sad too.

  20. The fan story! LOL!! I’m sorry, but that totally sounds like something my brother and I would do when we were that age 🙂

  21. Hey, I finally posted a flashback. It is aptly called “Flashback TO Friday”.

  22. Oh, oh OH!!!! My heart is breaking for you and Ted. How sad. Great photos though. Does bring back an era.

  23. You left it behind? Did you ask Kirk Cameron if he has it?

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