With these ridiculously high gas prices, my favorite thing about my Prius is



~ by CableGirl on Saturday, March 22, 2008.

16 Responses to “With these ridiculously high gas prices, my favorite thing about my Prius is”

  1. Wow, that’s fantastic. If we move back to the States at some point I’ll be looking at a Prius (or whatever future derivative they make of the Prius).

  2. That is awesome! I could use that kind of mileage on my car… it’s up to $3.50 in some places around here (Destin, FL – that has a lot of do with tourists.)

  3. Interesting. Cars aren’t my thing but my husband might be interested.


  4. That is something to celebrate! I can’t take on a car payment right now, but at least I’m in a Camry. I don’t know how those SUV-owners do it!

  5. I want a prius. I think they’re sexy. 🙂

  6. SHOW OFF!!!! I’m watching the kids’ college funds dry up as I fill the tank of the van.

  7. No kidding. Color me jealous.

  8. I’ll bet! My next vehicle is definitely a Prius.

  9. hmm I like my company car with its gascard….but not as good for the world as your prius though!

  10. Good for you, girl! The Prius is sweet!

  11. It’s $2.99 a gallon in NJ which I hear is rather cheap considering other parts of the country are already above the $3 mark.

  12. That is definitely something to celebrate!

  13. Man, that’s great! Gas is $8 a gallon over here, btw. Did I mention that I walk everywhere? ;p

  14. I wish I could fit my family in a fuel efficient vehicle, but nope, it’s big honkin’ gas guzzlers for me!

  15. That’s amazing!

  16. I wish we’d bought one when we had the chance…. Now we just have to stay home more. Which makes sense I guess because how can we afford to go do anything when we’ve just put gas in the car???

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