FlashBack Friday – The Taxi of Death

I had a totally different post planned for today, but last week I met a new (new to me, not to to many others, I’m sure) blogger through FlashBack Friday, Tui at MentalMosaic.  Let me tell you, I’m glad I did.  She writes a great blog which really is a mosaic of observations on expat life as well as just lifein general.  At present she resides in Naples Italy which is what inspired me to write this particular FlashBack.

A few weeks back I talked about how I traveld with a friend down the coast of Italy after I had finished my classes at the University of Padova.  At the time I focused solely on the train trip itself, today I want to talk about my near death experience in Naples.

Ok, maybe I exaggerate.  If so, not by much.

My friend Talli and I had decided that as long as we were on the west coast of Italy we might as well hop on a ferry and hit the islands.  We had met some other travelers in other towns who had recommended we go to the island of Capri which lies in the Bay of Naples.  Without a doubt Capri is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life.  Never in my life have I seen such stars at night.  Never have I seen water so clear and blue as when cliff diving and swimming in the Grotto Azzuro.  I’ve been telling CableDad for ages that should we ever get around to going on our honeymoon, Capri is where I want to take him.

But I digress.

In order to get to Capri we had to take a ferry.  In order to take the ferry we had to find our way from the train station to the ferry station.  Enter the Taxi of Death.

Now, to be fair, let me just point out that I’m not exactly a chicken.  Admittedly I have become much more… conservative… in my driving style since I had a baby, but back in the day (we are talking about 12 years ago here) I was much more of a daredevil.  I used to be one of those crazy drivers I presently hate, you know the kind I mean.  I used to speed like a speed freak (wait a minute, there may be something to that…. 😉 ), weave in and out of traffic and for the most part I considered stop signs “stoptionals“.  Basically I drove like a spoiled-rich-bitch-SUV driving-cell phone using-soccer mom (that’ll link you back to one of my better rants).  Minus the money, the SUV, the cell phone and the mothering bit.

But really, if I thought I was a crazy driver that impression went out the window the moment I got into a Neapolitan taxi cab.

I will admit, I kept my eyes shut for a large portion of the no more than 10 minute journey, but when I did open them, wow!  Lines on the road meant nothing to our driver.  Actually, the use of the road itself seemed rather a matter of personal discretion.   I have distinct flashes of riding along the tram line thinking that this really was the end, but at least I was dying in Italy.

I’ve been in taxis all over the world.  I’ve been in New York cabs, Parisian cabs, cabs in London, Tokyo, Boston, and Rome.  None of them hold a candle to Naples.

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~ by CableGirl on Friday, March 28, 2008.

9 Responses to “FlashBack Friday – The Taxi of Death”

  1. My dad was stationed in Naples when he was in the Navy, I’ll have to ask him about the taxi drivers… glad you lived to tell the tale.

  2. I pulled a total SUV driving cell phone talking soccer mom bitch moment yesterday. It was Vancouver. I had to.

    I’ll be away this Friday- the connection, she is still bad.

    Dude! I’m not on your blogroll??

  3. Oh man. And I thought that some of my cab rides in NYC were death-defying.

    I hear you about SUV-driving, cell-phone-talking soccer moms. What I don’t get is who in the heck they’re talking to at 8:15 in the morning on their way to take kids to school? Really.

  4. Nver bee nto Naples, but the taxi drivers are the same in France. I think Europe=walking, at least for me!

  5. Wow, you pack a lot into one post, don’t you?!? Looking forward to checking out Tui’s blog. I’m not going to do Flashback Friday this week, sorry 😦 I should be able to next week, though.
    Never been to Naples, but will attempt to store this in my not-so-reliable memory.
    Off to read your SUV rant now…

  6. I’ve had a couple scary experiences in NYC cabs, but at least they always stayed on the street!

  7. P lived in Italy for two years and honed his mad (as in insane) driving skillz there. Fortunately, he has calmed down since we’ve had kids. So I can relate completely to your story.

  8. OH man, I wonder if this taxi driver was related to my taxi driver in Athens, I thought for sure I was going to die!!!

    And did you know that all stop signs with a white border are optional? Okay, I told that to my mom one day who happens to be a college professor and she said really? I think I wanted to slap the common sense into her!

  9. I was going to say that sounded to me a lot like a taxi ride I took in Tokyo so many years ago… the driver made his own lane on the highway… and it was during rush hour, I think!

    Great flashback!

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