FlashBack Friday – Queen Eleanor of Toronto

I am a cat person.  Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, too but I’m a cat person.  Through and through.  Personality traits?  yeah, rather feline.  I may not cough up hairballs, but my inner kitty is strong.

That’s part of the reason that CableDad and I hit it off so well.  On our first non-date he introduced me to his cat, Simba.  At the time I was living with my my cats Tiger and Gizmo, my roommate SoulGlow and his cat Sativa. When CableDad moved in with SoulGlow and myself, Simba actually moved in first.

But I’m not here to talk about Simba.  Today I’m talking about Eleanor.

When I got accepted to the University of Toronto Department of Medieval Studies in 2002 CableDad and I had been dating for less than a year.  However, he decided that he would  leave his job and move to Canada to be with me.  Of course, he had a few loose ends to tie up with his job before he could make the trek north so I packed up my books, our stuff and our cats.  The four of us lived in a good deal of discomfort while waiting for CableDad and our furniture to show up.  Let me tell you, a blow up air mattress and three cats is a bad combination.

When we arrived in Canada our household consisted of two Irish boys (Tiger and Gizmo came from Galway) and a good Southern Gentleman (Simba was raised in Atlanta) and CableDad thought it would be a good plan to open our home to a Canadian.

With that in mind the search began.  Now I don’t believe in going to breeders to pick up pets.  I mean, no offense to those who do, but I think there are enough stray animals out there that need homes that I just can’t see purposely breeding more.  CableDad was determined to get a grey fluffy kitty so I began scanning the Toronto Cat Rescue website. That’s where we found her.

When I first saw her she was going by the name of Brie.  Actually all the kittens from her litter were named after types of cheeses.  Strange, I know, but I suppose when you deal with so many homeless cats you have to have some way to keep track of them.

Brie, soon to be named Eleanor (points and a prize to anyone who can guess why I named my cat Eleanor), asserted her dominance from the beginning.  No way was she going to be anything other than Top Cat in a house full of slow, lazy adult males.

No docile pretty girl here… not that she isn’t pretty.  She is.  And she’s a dominant ass kicker.

She’s also a born hunter.  Neither mouse, nor fly nor beetle can escape her.

She’s smarter than both Simba and Tiger combined and manipulates them at her will.

All these pictures are from Eleanor’s first few weeks with the boys, August 2002.

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~ by CableGirl on Friday, April 4, 2008.

20 Responses to “FlashBack Friday – Queen Eleanor of Toronto”

  1. Because you like Eleanor of Aquitaine?

    I can’t believe it’s almost friday. I might not be flashing back this week.

  2. Yeah, for sure – Eleanor of Aquitaine.

  3. Because of Eleanor Rigby? We know you’re a Beatles fan!

    That last photo looks soooooooo cozy! 🙂

  4. wat a cute cat ^^

  5. I was thinking Eleanor Rigby as well. Cute kitties! I want to get another one but CB is afraid Rex won’t handle it well…any advice on that?

  6. A nice story. No doubt you’re like me and well up when you watch that public service ad on animal rescue…you know…the one where what’s her name is singing “In The Eyes Of A Stranger” or whatever the song is called. My brain isn’t working. No idea re the name…a very nice name…though I have to say I thought the cheese names was clever. Let’s see: Brie, Cheddar, Cami, Blue…

  7. Eleanor of Acquitaine. You practically smear her name on toast and it eat for breakfast in front of an audience of thousands. And the Beatles reference works too!

  8. being a major Beetles fan, my first guess was Eleanor Rigby, but someone already said that. Damn…

    I agree whole heartedly about breeders! They all look so happy! 🙂

  9. I thought Eleanor of Aquitane too since you went there for your Medival Studies. She’s a cute kitty! Me, I’m not so much a cat person. But I wouldn’t call myself a dog person now either. Something about having four kids has really just turned me off of pets!

  10. Only because it hasn’t been said yet, I’m going with Eleanor Roosevelt.
    Eleanor is a beaut. I, too, am a cat person through and through. I like dogs, but have never co-habitated with them.

  11. What a sweet photo of them all laying in the sun by the window…I’d LOVE to be a cat.

  12. All our furry family members were rescues… I’m with ya on getting pets from breeders. We have two Labs and a calico manx… all girls.

    All the good Eleanor guesses have been taken… so I’ll go with ‘Eleanor Abernathy’ the Crazy Cat Lady on the Simpsons.

  13. I was actually thinking of Eleanor Roosevelt; you know, strong and powerful and definitly the pants-wearer of the family, keeping them all in line and together. Of course, I know not whom Eleanor Rigby nor of Aquitane are, so there ya go. Love the phots.

  14. Hey Cablegirl, I was not able to stop by last to blog hop. So here I am, and you know you are my first stop. How are you doing? Love the pictures of the kittens. Nice quote too. Next week I want join in on Flashback Friday, my brain is too fried this week.

    Blog hopping by…..

  15. Elliebelly was so cute as a kitten. She’s definitely the Alpha cat but that’s so easy with Simba and Tiger *hehe*.

  16. Eleanor made me think of the poem by Edgar Allen Poe. 🙂

    MamaWise – bloghoppin’ on by…

  17. Aww your kitties are so cute.

  18. Cute cats! I am so impressed by all the places you’ve lived!

  19. Oh, how I heart kitty pictures! *cuddle*

  20. What a pretty kitty!! I wasn’t a cat person until I actually owned one. You really cannot appreciate the fabulous-ness that is a cat until you’ve witnessed it first hand, in your own home. Now, even though I love dogs, I will ALWAYS be a cat person.

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