She’s a little young to have a monkey on her back, isn’t she?

MJ is no stranger to airplane travel. Her first trip was when she was less than 9 months old when we flew from Miami to Seattle. Since then she has gone to New York and North Carolina twice. Friday we are heading back to New York.

I may have mentioned this before, I may not have, but my brother lives in Hong Kong, soon to return to Japan. A number of years ago his job moved him to Tokyo where he met the person who is now my sister-in-law. Since that move I haven’t seen much of him. Go figure. The year before MJ was born CableDad and I flew out to Japan to visit BigBro and SIL (which, incidentally, will be the topic of this week’s FlashBack Friday). That following September we saw them in New York for their wedding and then almost immediately afterwards they both came to Miami for Christmas, when MJ was 5 weeks old. That was the list time I saw either of them.

This week my brother has business in New York. MJ, CableDad and I are flying up to see him and let him “meet” his neice. (Sadly, SIL won’t be there.) Ok, officially he met her when she was 5 weeks old, but seriously, that so does not count. She was barely human then. 5 weeks old? Yeah, she was just a grub. I’m seriously looking forward to this encounter.

But I digress. I’m getting to my point. I swear.

The last time I brought MJ on a plane she was walking but was still rather shaky on her feet. This week, not so much. Since I’m planning on juggling a toddler, carry on luggage and a car seat (which I refuse to check other than at the gate… I hate nothing more than waiting for luggage at the carosels), carrying MJ is really out of the question. Enter my new purchase:

She’s got a thing about Curious George.

Now that cute little monkey has a tail that attaches to the bottom of the pack, which is, in turn, something I can hold in my hand.

Now, I know a lot of people have issues with putting children on leashes, but my response to that? Fuck ’em. No way am I allowing my daughter to run free and wild in two major international airports while I’m trying to juggle luggage.


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, April 9, 2008.

16 Responses to “She’s a little young to have a monkey on her back, isn’t she?”

  1. I think it’s more important to keep your kids safe than have outsiders believe you’re a crappy parent.

  2. Smart woman, cute monkey, cuter daughter. Enjoy your trip CG!

  3. I have never understood the issue with leashing children. Particularly in this day and age when we’ve been programmed to fear the evil lurking in every public place. It’s SAFE to harness/leash your child. It makes sense!!

    The same people who are hyper-critical of it are the first ones to start bitching when the kid is ‘free’ anyhow.

  4. Hey, if she’s got no problems with a monkey on her back, why should anyone else?

  5. Indeed, F that! Crowds make me so freaked out with the little ones and now that the parents are outnumbered in our house it just makes it even more nerve racking. Sanity is more important that public perception any ol day.

  6. I agree with you! We always used a stroller but I swore that if OS ever didn’t want to sit in a stroller and was too young to listen I would get a “monkey” also. Those are the same people who if MJ did run around and you didn’t have the monkey would complain that you didn’t do anything.

  7. I confess to having done a double take when I first saw a child on a tether (sounds so much better than a leash), but my angst was not with the parent, but rather, our world that makes it necessary.

  8. I never leashed Genny when she was little but there were plenty of times when I had a hold of something, whether it was her hood or her ribbon or something… I get it! We can’t be too careful.

    Have a great trip! 🙂 I love NY so any reason to go is wonderful!

  9. hey its been a while since I read about MJ..thanks for the update…

  10. You do what you have to, to protect your kid… it’s a jungle out there. Have a fun and safe trip!

  11. MJ won’t have “freedom” to be hurt or lost. Do those who sneer at child teathers disagree with car seats and safety belts? Parents have a responsibility to protect young children as well as to encourage their independence. BTW, monkey needs a name *wink*.

  12. I think it’s adorable and very appropriate.

  13. too funny, zach loves monkeys too.

  14. Bobby saw this and loved it! He wanted to get it now for Piper… Monkeys are a theme for her bedroom! I think it looks so cute on MJ!

  15. Hm…keeping your daughter safe from harm or not using a leash. I think it’s obvious.

  16. It would be weird if you had a leash attatched to her neck like a dog, but a cute little monkey backpack with a leash attached to that – not so much. Right on for keeping her safe. 🙂

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