Pity party, table for one

I feel like ass.  And not a cute,  little well shaped one either.  No, I feel like a 400 pound, hairy, zit covered, sweaty, smelly ass.

Yup.  I got the plague.  Fuck airplanes.  Seriously.  Canned air never does anything good for me.

It’s hard to tell if MJ’s slight fever, runny nose and general crankiness is because she shares the 400 pounder with me or simply because she’s got canines and molars coming in.  Whatever the cause, we’ve been quite the pair this morning.

And of course, on the day that I feel like such ass and I do manage to get her down for a nap (a feat in and of itself, let me tell you) the fucking blue jays that moved into the tree outside my window are battling it out with the cardinals who originally lived there.  NO nap for CableGirl.



~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, April 16, 2008.

16 Responses to “Pity party, table for one”

  1. Oh, babe, I am so sorry. Consider some virtual chicken soup coming your way. I hope you get some rest and make a speedy recovery. Damn birds, anyway. I am thinking of you.

  2. Not what I want to be reading as I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight. You think I can hold my breath for an entire hour and a half flight? I’m sure gonna try now… 😀

  3. Sounds heinous… hope you both feel better very soon. Good going on the kiddie nap, damn birds!

  4. Ha! Found you through Misty’s blog. This made me laugh out loud, though undoubtedly it is no fun for you. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Yeah…you know I can totally feel your pain right now, although frankly, feeling your pain is still a bit better than feeling a 400 pound, hairy, zit covered, sweaty, smelly ass.

    Feel better soon and try not to hurt the birds.

  6. Feel better, okay?

  7. Sorry to hear it! Get better soon…

  8. Glad I stocked up on vitamin C for my flights. Though I’ve been sniffing a bit all day thanks to my brother.

  9. It sounds like this crud is making the rounds…I’m just getting over it. I never was with fever, but it sure made me listless and foggy-headed. Get better soon!

  10. I am so sorry! I hope you feel better soon. I’m a big fan of Airborne even though I’m convinced the reason it works is that it forces me to drink a glass of water every few hours.

  11. Huge hugs and feel much, much better. Drink TONS of water.

  12. That’s why my cats are indoor/outdoor… one coordinated strike by my lovelies and *voila!* no more Blue Jays, no more Cardinals!

  13. Well that sux. Feel better soon, I will send you some acne cream for that butt.

  14. you poor thing… Are you feeling any better this morning?

  15. Wow that’s a crappy image, lol. Hope you feel better.

  16. Being sick sucks. I hope you feel better soon. Cats do wonders for blue jay problems, BTW.

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