Walk this way

I’ve been a bit lax in participating in Soccer Mom in Denial‘s wonderful weekly meme, Music Mondays.  For that I’m a little ashamed.  You see, I love music.  In fact, there is not a single period of my life nor a single event in it that isn’t accompanied in my head by a sound track.

Yes, there is a sound track to my life.

Saturday night my music memory got a huge jolt, music I hadn’t listened to in nearly 2 decades.

Get this:  I got to have an adult evening.  No, I don’t mean hitting a strip club or watching XXX films (although admittedly that does fall under the heading of “adult entertainment”).  Nope, much much better.  A friend of mine was having a birthday celebration at a another friend’s house.  Her rules were simple: no boys, no babies.  Rock on, sister.

The first part of our evening was fairly mellow, sitting around the pool in the back yard eating a lovely dinner, drinking some wine and listening to an 80s marathon on a local radio station.  At some point someone put on a mix tape  (Yeah, it was a tape.  got a problem with that?) and when this came on:

not a single person was still with ass in seat.  Seriously, I haven’t just let loose and have a crazy smoking girls’ night in…. well, I can’t even think how  long.   And let me tell you, I’m not usually much of a dancer, unless I’m at a rave of course, but did I ever get down Saturday night.  Actually, my legs are still a little sore… and this from a person who works out 4+ times a week.

Who knows.  Maybe it’s cause I had such distinct memories of cranking this song on my Walkman.  Maybe I remember dancing to it locked up in my room with my friends.  Whatever it was, this song made me shed 20 years and feel like a kid tearing it up out on the deck.


~ by CableGirl on Monday, April 21, 2008.

11 Responses to “Walk this way”

  1. I LOVE this song! Love, love, love it! And for various reasons, I needed it this morning. THANKS!

  2. Can I come to the next one? What a fun night you had. Thanks for playing along!

    Someday I’ll write about the cassette tapes in a drawer – of my college radio show…

  3. I love this version of the song…I give it a 98, it’s got a good beat and it’s easy to dance too.

  4. Oh, man, I remember this!! I’m glad you had such a great night.

  5. Hehe, good song. My teen tunes were more REM, Green Day, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Live, Weezer…I could go on but Aerosmith is always a winner.

  6. AWESOME! I think I scared Punkin a little with my cheering.

  7. I remember exactly where I was when I first saw that video. I love the real bad boys from Boston!

  8. Who can’t dance when that comes on? LOVE it!

  9. This was on a mix tape (yeah!) that my high school boyfriend gave me. Fond and bittersweet memories. Great song!

  10. Bwahahahahaha! Mix tape! Aerosmith! The 80’s!!
    Man, I wish I’d been there with you that night. Sounds completely AWESOME.

  11. Ah yes, the raving days. Dancing from 11pm till 5am, solidly. Knees giving out when you get out of bed the next evening. Rocked that 🙂

    Sounded like a great girl’s night. I’m a little jealous about it all, actually.

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