This post is brought to you by the number…



~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, April 29, 2008.

29 Responses to “This post is brought to you by the number…”

  1. happy birthday!!!!!!

  2. …happy birthday I think?
    And yes, I went to work on the Poezenboot for about 3 hours today. Found out that getting a job will be somewhat of a challenge because I’m not fluent or even close to fluent in Dutch, so I’ll likely be at the boat 2 or 3 days a week for the month of May. I even spotted a kitten or two that are potential adoptees.

  3. Hapy Birthday to you…I even had an alert set up in my task thing on outlook so I would remember! 🙂

  4. Apparently Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!



    I didn’t stick around long enough last night to say it in person at the stroke of midnight, but I did get to share some time and recreation with you and yours, which is just as good!

  7. Happy Birthday! 🙂 xoxo

  8. Last year my hubby turned 33 and we had THE COOLEST party… It rocked.

  9. Happy Birthday!


  11. Happy bday, CableGirl!

  12. For those of you who know CableGirl, you know that she is definitely her own woman. Therefore, CG apparently REFUSED to be born on the estimated due date e.g., her older brother’s birthday *hehe*. Ergo, April 29 rather than May 19. Nonna was no longer pregnant *YES!* and very happy to have a daughter. Happy Birthday CableGirl!!! We love you,

  13. So does this mean you and CableDad’s birthday’s are a day apart? Oh how adorable!! And Happy Birthday lovely! 33? 33! Sheesh. You are a babe.

  14. happy birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday! Whoo hoo!

  16. Happy Birthday girl!

  17. Happy Birthday… trying to track you down!

  18. Happy Happy birfday, internet-sister from the wrong side of the continent!!

  19. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

  20. CableGirl had to be out and about in time for the impending pagan sabbat, you know. It’s part of her contract.

  21. Happy Birthday! I knew there was a reason I liked you. My birthday is today! (April 30) Hope you had a great one!

  22. Happy Birthday!

  23. Happy B’day! I hope it was a good one!!!

  24. Ugh. I’m never on time for anything. Happy (belated) Birthday!!

  25. Happy Birthday (belated at that) CableGirl and I think we need to do some daring stuff together…I haven’t bungee jumped yet but Lilacspecs did while I went skydiving while in Australia. How do you feel about Roller Coasters or perhaps a run down a luge tube?

  26. Lang zal je leven
    Lang zal je leven
    Lang zal je leven
    in de Gloria!

    Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!!!


  27. Happy Birthday!

  28. Happy Belated May Day.

    Lots of good info.

    ~Blog Hopping.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday!

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