Why 42? I’ll tell you.

As any reader of Douglas Adams knows 42 is the ultimate answer the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. It took Deep Thought, the hypercomputer, 7.5 million years to come up with this answer. Unfortunately for those anxiously waiting he did not give them the proper question.

Obviously, I do not have 7.5 million years to contemplate my existence. If I’m lucky I may have 50 years, and if I’m extremely lucky possibly 60, but certainly not more than that. However, I don’t feel that this should prevent me from at least trying to figure out what I’m all about. While I wouldn’t call myself a deep thinker, I believe only a great fool does not contemplate his or her existence.

Hopefully the answer at which I will arrive will be more satisfying than “What is 6 x 7?”


5 Responses to “Why 42? I’ll tell you.”

  1. We started a cult of 42 in college. We were always noting when that number showed up in our lives, and it seemed to be much more frequently than could be explained by randomness. I wonder if one of the folks behind this phenomenon had read Douglas Adams. I’ll have to find out.

  2. My mum dated Douglas Adam’s best mate in college. One time he came round to her house in big boots and my grandad told him to take them off before he came inside.

    I’m so proud.

  3. Having just had my 42nd birthday, this number has extra resonance for me ;o) I expect to come up with a deeply relevant and spiritually significant question sometime during the next 12 months. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, pangalactic gargle blaster anyone?

  4. You are a smarty pants. I like that.

  5. I think I’ll have to now research Douglas Adams. I’ve not heard of this before!

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